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eBike Tires - Maxxis & CST


The 26" Maxxis Minion FBF and Maxxis Minion FBR represent a progression in fat-biking by offering a front and rear specific tire designed for trail riding. Featuring the proven Minion DHF tread blocks, the FBF is a front specific fat-bike tire that combines extreme cornering capability , low rolling resistance, and fat-tire volume for unsurpassed grip on uneven and loose surfaces.

The Minion FBR is a rear specific fat-bike tire designed for trail riding. The Minion FBR features well-known, proven side knobs down the middle, minimizing rolling resistance and maximizing traction in all conditions.


The 24" CST BFT: Push the standards of all-mountain freeride tires with the beefed up BFT from CST. The BFT (Big Fat Tire) has it where it counts – meaty center and side knobs to dig in on tight turns and tough climbs. Available with wire or folding bead with EPS (Exceptional Puncture Safety) puncture protection.  Exceptional Puncture Safety offers an added layer of proprietary rubberized poly-fiber material between the tread and the casing. The tight weave of this lightweight, puncture-resistant layer prevents foreign objects from penetrating the casing and damaging the tube.


  • 26" Tire Specs

    Maxxis Minion:

    Size: 26 x 4.0
    Weight: 1365 grams
    Compound: Dual
    Bead: Folding
    Tech: EXO/TR
    TPI: 120

    CST BFT:

    Size: 24 x 4.0
    Weight: 960 grams
    Compound: Single
    Bead: Wire
    TPI: 60

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