I just purchased the Mule 1000 and I am IN-LOVE with this thing! I did a ton of research on e-bikes, e-bike manufactures, components, etc... And, I chose Bakcou for several reasons. The biggest reason is that they are designed by actual-hunters, for actual-hunters. These guys hunt the same mountains that I do, so they know exactly what a hunter would need from an e-bike and these bikes are SO-SOLID... they have hunter-focused features that no one else has that makes this bike perfect for me (or anyone, really) and what I need it for.
Also - The staff are all very nice and extremely helpful and everyone I have met and worked with are just all-around Good people!
My wife (who was very skeptical at first...) is now in love too and wants one of her own! :)

-Matt Toyn, Hunters Tactical Outdoors

Awesome staff ! Showed up un announced before closing to just go “check out” these bikes and ended up with a Mule 1000 in the trunk of my small commuter car! Took it home and couldn’t believe the speed and technology of the bike. My wife showed up and asked where “her” bike was. Took mine for a spin and left me in the dust saying “this is funner than a motorcycle!! Whoa thanks for the bike !” Can’t wait to take this to the mountains on my hunt. Thanks guys! No need to shop anywhere else, be part of the tribe!

-Marsing Outdoors

Simply put there is nothing on the market that comes close to the fit, finish and quality of this bike. It has transformed my life and I use it EVERY day as a way to run pups, hunt, scout and as a back and forth ride with my trailer out to the kennel. I will be buying another very soon for my junior hunter. Love it!

-Michael Noble, "Love What You Do"

Dog Kenneling, Training and Daycare

The Bakcou team did a great job walking me thru their various models and allowing me to test drive the bikes at their shop. The bikes are obviously purpose-built for hunting and made of the best components available (I researched ebikes for the past 2 years trying to decide what was best). The various modes of power assist coupled with the various gears provide more than enough options for travel. The power of these bikes will surprise you and perform extremely well! I used my bike in the UT mountains over steep terrain and even wet conditions. We used it for accessing those hard-to-reach sites as well as checking cameras. I was lucky enough to harvest a great bull the day after getting my bike; providing the opportunity for others in my hunting party to use it. After the hunt, Bakcou shipped my bike back to me (east coast) for their standard $100 shipping fee. A great bike, great team and great service!

-David Sotiros, Aerial Production Services


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